Wow.  Yup.  Our baby girl turned 10 a few days ago.  I had all these ideas (delusions) of grandeur for a photography session with her, but Mother Nature in St. Albert had other ideas… So, I decided to do a little one light off camera flash and attempt to remember what I learned in my lighting class way back when. These are just a couple of the photos I took of her and they are certainly a departure from my norm (FYI, recycle times of flashes drive me batty…), but what the heck!  I felt like changing it up a little :)

Happy 10th Sweet Girl!


Shona xoxo

This post is long overdue…Like almost 2 years overdue…

I had always wanted to go to Chicago as I had heard it was a fantastic city and well, ER was filmed there.  Ya, I’m old.  So when the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of photographer friends presented itself (all former attendees of the Pinkle Toes Workshop), I jumped on it as fast as possible!


These girls have become my lifeline in so many ways it’s not funny.  We are trying to meet up yearly as we live all over the place (Leah in Dallas, Michele in Austin, Carol my fellow Canuck in Winnipeg, Heidi in St. Louis, Janie in Kansas, Minnette in Houston, Stacy in Preoria (central Illinois), Lena in New Jersey, Sarah in Methuen (outside of Boston) and sweet sweet MeeMaw…Michele’s Mom and former office manager).  Since I moved to St. Albert I am sadly the furthest away…boo!  Oh well, we talk almost daily and have subsequently met up in Cape Cod, Maine and are currently planning our next reunion for June <insert stupid happy grin here>.

Here’s a not so brief synopsis of our weekend in Chicago…

Day 1 saw lots of site seeing (I was giddy to go see the Chicago sign and the L Train where Dr. John Carter…aka Noah Wyle ran up before heading to the ER…okay, I’ll stop) and a stop into Trader Joes…since I’d never been to one before.


Day 2 started out with shopping (yup, a few of us bought a Tiffany’s “Bean” necklace), seeing some sights along Michigan Ave and PF Changs for a late lunch/snack/supper whatever!


Oh! And did I tell you we met and got our photo with Nick Jonas. Heck ya we did ;) Can you say Cougar??

We then cleaned up and got ready for a photo session with some underprivileged teens who wrote essays on why they wanted to have their photographs taken. They were really sweet girls and taking photos at the Navy Pier was fan-freaking-tastic! None of those photos are included, but a bunch of us goofing off are :)


Yes, we road there in a limo, but it was cheaper for all of us to dog pile into the thing…


We took the little trolly back to the hotel and the restaurant where we had a late, but yummy dinner.


Then we pretended to sleep…

Day 3 began early… I thought the girls were nuts to want to go photograph “The Bean” at 7 in the morning (I had no idea what it was or why we were doing this), but I went with it and boy am I glad I did. Not only was the light beautiful, but the crowds of people shortly thereafter was nuts! Now I love watching movies where I can see Millennium Park and The Bean. So fun!


Later that day, we took a food tour that was fantastic! Everything from REAL Chicago style hotdogs to frozen hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows! It’s a good thing it was a walking tour through Wicker Park as well.


We had not so brilliantly made reservations for a late super at Sunda, but like troopers, we sucked it up (okay in) and went :)


After another late night it was time to go home…boo!


A fantastic weekend with fantastic friends! Makes me smile to relieve it and the best part is we made a photo book so that we all have each others different take on everything we saw them together. So very cool to see how everyone “sees” things!! And if you haven’t been to Chicago…go!

Shona xo

Not sure why, but January rolled around I just couldn’t stop with the pictures…which is REALLY strange as I was DYING for my 365 photography project to be over.  I was done.  Finished.  Kaput.


So, I’m going a little easier on myself this year and not forcing it on days when I really don’t have anything.  I’m being noncommittal on so many levels…ha!  January was filled with warm temperatures (weird), old toys, new toys, new technology, old movies, outdoor activities, a lost tooth, eye checks, cousins and smoothies.  Phew!  I managed to squeeze out 22/31 days.  Not great, but not bad either.  Let’s face it.  It’s DARK in January in St. Albert and the winter blues are less than motivating!!


January Blog board, Shona Reid Photography

I’m also doing an instagram project with a few amazing friends (Carol, JanieLeah, MicheleMinnette, Stacy).  They’re doing a 365 colour project…I said I’d commit to 52 (aka 1 a week), but I did 10 for January, so who knows what I’ll end up with??  January was white which was easy for Alberta, but so far I’m loving pink for February :)

iphone365 Shona Reid Photography

Stay tuned for next month’s update!

Shona xo

PS My hair hasn’t suddenly gone grey…that’s frost!  Buuuut I do now have some glasses for when I’m on the computer.  Poop!  ;)


Well, here it is.  It was a labour of love in the end although one picture a day for 365 days in a row was sometimes awfully daunting.  However, of all years this was the year to do it.  Big changes, lots of things to record and a need to renew my love for the art.



Shona xo

EDIT: To view each image individually, you can go to THIS page now and there is a slideshow :)

Yep this was from the summer and man was it fun!  Remember Alicia & Thom?  Well, they got hitched and they did it in fine style…

First Alicia prepped at her home with her family and bridesmaids.  She was cool, calm and collected as she slipped into her beautiful dress and dazzled us all with her smile.

bride prep blog

Meanwhile Jennifer Boggett was photographing the boys…There were a lot of headlocks between brothers from what I heard!

groom bloog

Then it was time for the ceremony at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Kanata.  The ceremony was touching and very personalized.

ceremony blog


We then scooted off in the heat to take some formal wedding photographs as well as the family photos.  Ahhh….heat, remember what that felt like?  Anyway!  It was a warm and mosquito filled day, but they were troopers and looked gorgeous!

formals blog


But remember, these two are foodies and have a FABULOUS sense of humour…so off to Sobey’s for some not so formal formals ;)

shopping blogThanks Sobey’s for graciously letting us take some fun photographs!!   The reception was held at Next where the atmosphere was lovely, the food divine and the band amazing!

reception blogThanks again for all of your support Jenn and Alicia & Thom…you are perfect together!  I wish you all the happiness life has to offer and it was an honour to be a part of your day!

Shona xo



October 23

Wowa…I can’t believe we’re in a deepfreeze, I’ve got my heating pad out and it’s mid November.  I’m sorry, but where did fall go?  Oh right, I think I slept most of it away.  I was so beyond exhausted by the time we got back from dropping our stuff off in St. Albert (our new home!) and doing a whirlwind trip to Victoria that I completely neglected my poor old blog.

EXCEPT!  Did you notice anything different??  That’s right, I’ve changed from having a website and blog to having everything all neat and tidy in one place.  Poke around and let me know what you think!  I love how streamlined it is and I *hope* that you will find all of the photography galleries and information easy to access and view.

Until next time,

Shona xo

Mom contacted me with two special requests. 1. Capture the beautiful connection her children have at this point in their lives, and 2. No squinty eyes. How’d I do? ;)

Mackie1 mackie2 mackie3

Aren’t they just adorbs?? I love that their favourite thing to do is hang out on Mom & Dad’s bed and look at photographs…so special!

So glad I squeezed this LAST session in Ottawa in… Onto different pastures very soon…Look out Alberta! My crazy family will be on your doorstep VERY soon!

Shona xox

Yup, it’s no secret.  I love dogs.  Also love this amazing couple that I met last year for an extended family session.  They are so incredibly supportive of me and my photography and I couldn’t ask for better clients.


Take care!
Shona xo

I know, it looks weird to see St. Albert in the title of my post…My photography career started in Ottawa and it has blossomed into something I’m really kinda proud of…So, thank you Ottawa. Big puffy heart thank you.

Ok, I’m getting verklempt, onto the post of this darlin’ 2 year old who has the “Moves Like Jagger”. Remember how cute he was when he turned one? Well, look at him now!


So sad I won’t see three :( But if I time my visits right, I’ll be able to…hmm…. (insert maniacal laugh)  :)

Shona xo

Oh my word this photography session was so fun!

The light was gorgeous, my subject was up for anything and didn’t shy away from the camera and we just played! This session was a Sweet 16 present from her Mom and I thought that was a fabulous idea! I absolutely love photographing teens, high school grads (or Seniors as they’d say in the States) and capturing this amazing and exciting time in their lives. It’s DEFINITELY something I’d like to pursue more in St. Albert/Edmonton, Albert when we move this summer.


Shona xo