Meet Shona


(images by:  Pinkle Toes Photography)





  • I much prefer being behind the camera than in front of it;
  • I love that photography has opened my eyes to find beauty in things I may have previously over looked;
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve, but *try* to cover it up with humour;
  • I love to write and my dream would be to blend my photography with writing…I’m just not sure on what topic!  (I’ll take suggestions!);
  • I love to read and sometimes miss the characters when I’m done if it was a particularly good book…is that weird?
  • I have a wonderfully supportive husband and two kids who make me laugh on a daily basis…both are quirky like their Mama 😉
  • Our beautiful 12.5 year old husky/lab/shepherd cross passed away in 2011 and it crushed me…I miss him;
  • UPDATE!!  We got a new pup!  Not sure what she is as she’s a rescue, but I’m pretty sure she’s part piranha… Her name is Cedar (sticking with the tree theme) and she was born in March 2014.  We looooove her!;
  • I love to get dolled up, but truth be told, I’m more comfortable in my hiking boots lost in my thoughts in the mountains or on the ocean in a sea kayak;

I love to capture moments, beautiful light and genuine expressions.  I would love to meet you…