Here are some of the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions that I receive.  Please feel free to contact me if you don’t see your answer here.

What’s your style?
I shoot on-locations with predominantly natural light. I am a mix of classic portraiture with a modern twist so that your images stand the test of time and don’t become dated as soon as the next photography fad kicks in.  My goal is to capture you and your family as you are today because our children change so quickly…Thoughtful, true to life images are priceless!

How long are sessions?
Family sessions are 1 hour and newborn sessions are up to 3 hours longs. Newborns are extremely intuitive, so it’s best to take care of everyone’s needs as they arise so we can carry on and enjoy creating lasting images together. I want to preserve those natural looks, emotions and connections that show you and your family today.

When should I book my maternity session?
A great time to book is at around the 30-34 weeks, but it really depends on the person. You want to be showing enough, but not uncomfortable . That final month of pregnancy can also cause swelling and fatigue so you want to captialize on your nice round glowing self before you’re at the “get it out” stage 😉  I also offer a great Maternity Mini session for parents-to-be that also book their Newborn Session with me.

When should I book my newborn session?
I always recommend to contact me before your baby is born to ensure that I can make room in my schedule for your sweet bundle of joy. I will block off some time around baby’s due date knowing full well that s/he may come early or need to be evicted like both of mine were! Once baby is born we can set a tentative date for the week after baby is born (which will be totally dependent on how both Mom and baby are doing).  OR, we can postpone the session until everyone is feeling a bit more settled.

Why do you do the newborn sessions between 5 and 10 days after birth?
This is my general perference if you would like to capture that truly newborn, teeny tiny phase. After about two weeks newborns are less inclined to sleep soundly, be moved easily and get those curly newborn poses. Newborns also tend to go through a growth spurt at around the two week mark and can get baby acne. HOWEVER, I know that the first few weeks are hard and if you are happy with a more lifestyle approach to your session, then I have no problem shooting babies after this time. I just take a different approach.

What if I don’t want to do my session so soon after baby is born?
Not a problem!  I do predominately lifestyle shots with some posing at the end.  We would just see what baby is up for depending on the age and baby.   I’ve photographed infants from 4-8 weeks old and it’s great! We just switch our focus from trying to get more curly poses to getting more interaction with baby and his/her family…sometimes it really works to our advantage as everyone is a little less shell shocked.

What if my baby poops on your blankets?
Well, I fully expect this to happen and if it doesn’t we’ll high five at the end of the session 😉 Seriously though, it’s normal for babies and it doesn’t faze me. I have been peed on more times than I can count and have a great washer/dryer and shower, so it’s all good. Promise!

Do you have a studio?
My studio is your home and the great outdoors (or any other venue that works)! So, no, I don’t have a traditional studio. Newborn sessions are always done at your home.  I can however book a studio in downtown Edmonton for Mini Maternity and small family sessions for an additional $50/hour.  Perfect for when winter hits!  Please note this cannot be a last minute decision as the studio must be booked well in advance.

Are digital files included in the session fee?
Yes! However, digital files are meant to be in albums and on walls, so I also offer great professional printing options as well.

How many images do you guarantee?
Rest assured there will be plenty to fill your walls and albums 😉 Family sessions receive around 30 images, newborn 40ish and extended family 50ish.

How long will it take to see my images after the session?
Once your session is complete, I will have your images ready to go in your online gallery within 2 weeks.

How long do I have to decide on my order?
I will contact you once your gallery is ready and once it is posted you will have 5 days to order any extra prints or products. If you would like to order after that time, I keep files on my external drives.

What resolution will digital files be?
I shoot high resolution files with professional gear, so your images can go pretty much as big as the average person would like them to go at 300 dpi.

Do you photograph weddings?
Yes!  I have been second shooting for 6+ years and have also done some weddings of my own during that time.  Please contact me for details.